Call Credit Transfer

The “Call Credit Transfer” facility (the CCT Facility) is offered by TPG Telecom Limited trading as Lebara Mobile, and only operates between Lebara Mobile customers in Australia and customers of selected international operators. These terms, which apply to the provision of the CCT Facility (the CCT Terms), must be read in conjunction with Lebara Mobile’s General Terms and Conditions; in the case of a conflict, the CCT Terms will prevail.

Every time you confirm a CCT Facility transfer, you will be deemed to accept these CCT Terms; it is your obligation to read and ensure you understand the CCT Terms.

You cannot transfer more credit than you have in your Prepaid Lebara account.

To transfer credit from your Prepaid account to an international customer text the receiver’s number to 126 125 and click “Send”

  • TO: “126 125”
    ?(where XXXXXXXX is the receiver’s number and +212 the country code).

Please ensure that you have the correct mobile number for the recipient, as once transferred, credit cannot be recovered, even if sent in error.

You will receive a message detailing your transfer; to complete the transfer you will need to confirm the transfer.

You will be notified of any charges for the transfer prior to confirming the transfer. If you do not accept the charges, do not confirm the transfer: continuing will amount to acceptance of such charges. Charges will be deducted from your Prepaid Lebara account balance.

Lebara may place limits on the amount you can transfer per transaction, the number of transactions per day, or otherwise, as it sees fit.

Lebara can amend these CCT Terms with 7 days notice on our website