International Call Rates


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Afghanistan $0.25 12 100 300^ 300^ 300^ 500

^Includes bonus minutes until 30.09.23. For more information on total minutes included, visit the plan information page.

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International Call Rates

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International Call Rates

Calling overseas from Australia

Here’s how to make a call from Australia to an international number.

  1. Enter the Australian exit code (you may also know this as the Australia dial out code). The Australian exit code is ‘+’ on your mobile. To dial + on your phone, press and hold ‘0’ on your keypad.
  2. Enter the country code (also known as the international dialling code) for the country you want to call.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to dial, including the area code. If the area code or phone number begins with a ‘0’, drop the ‘0’ when you dial.

Examples of how to dial an international number

If you were making an international call from Australia to the phone number 555 867 5309 in the United States, you would dial +1 555 867 5309 from your mobile.

To call the United Kingdom, the country code is +44. So, to call the number 020 1234 5678 in the UK from Australia, you would dial +44 20 1234 5678.

If you’re calling someone in New Zealand, whose country code is 64, and their number is 09 123 4567, you would dial +64 9 123 4567.

To call India, the country code is +91. If the phone number you want to call is 80 1234 5678, then you would dial +91 80 1234 5678 from your Australian mobile.