We have switched off our 3G Network

At Lebara we are always working hard to bring you faster speeds and new features on our mobile network. Our 4G network now covers more than 24 million Australians, and our state-of-the-art 5G network is stronger than ever. With superior speeds and greater connectivity available across these networks, we switched off our legacy 3G mobile network in January 2024.

As the 3G network has now switched off, if you’re a Lebara customer reliant on the 3G network, it’s crucial to upgrade to a device compatible with 4G or 5G networks. Find a list of compatible devices on our VoLTE support page.

Additional information

All 3G-only devices (including phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices) and in rare cases, some older 4G phones, will be affected.
Some older 4G phones that do not have a feature called ‘VoLTE’ (Voice over Long Term Evolution) will not be able to make and receive voice calls.
Please contact your device manufacturer if you are unsure of your device’s specific capabilities.

If you have a 3G-only phone, you will no longer be able to make calls, send texts or access the internet on your phone (compatible phones will still be able to make emergency 000 calls on other 3G networks when in coverage prior to their closure). We recommend you upgrade your phone to a 4G or 5G compatible device that is to continue having mobile service.

If you have a device that is identified as not being able to make emergency 000 calls or you have received notification from us informing you that your device is not able to make emergency 000 calls, please refer to the “What about emergency calls?” section below.

No. Other devices like tablets, mobile broadband modems, smart watches, some home security systems, and other connected devices might also be using 3G services. Please contact your device manufacturer or Lebara if you are unsure of your device’s specific capabilities.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a feature that allows you to make voice calls using our 4G network. You might need to turn the VoLTE setting on. You can check your device and settings on our VoLTE support page.

Android devices

If you have a Samsung device, Voice over LTE should automatically be enabled. If you’ve previously disabled VoLTE and want to reenable it, or would like to check if it’s enabled on your Android device, please go to your Settings > Mobile Networks

Apple devices

If you have an Apple device iPhone 6 or later, Voice over LTE should be automatically enabled. To check this or manually enable, please go to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data options > Voice and Data

The best way to recycle your old device is with Mobile Muster, the Australian mobile industry’s official recycling scheme. Alternatively, please consider eWaste recycling facilities which may be offered by your local council.

Some devices are not compatible with Australian mobile networks and while they may be able to make standard calls on a 4G/5G network, they are not able to make emergency 000 calls on our network as our 3G network has now shut down. If you have such a device or have received a notification from us identifying that your device is unable to make emergency 000 calls, for safety reasons, you must urgently change to a compatible device otherwise you will not be able to make emergency 000 calls. See our compatible devices here. Need more info? Call us on 126122 from your Lebara phone or 1300 126 122 from any other phone.