Large 360 Day SIM

Total data*
Data banking up to 200GB
No lock in contract
Unlimited national talk and text
Free delivery
Critical information summary Terms & Conditions
All for use in Oz. For personal use only. Limit four per household. Large 360 Day Plan $360 includes unlimited standard talk and text to 50 selected countries, $10 credit for other international standard talk and text, unlimited standard text to 60 selected countries in total, 35.4GB data every 30 Days. 35.4GB data and $10 credit resets every 30 days until 360 days.

Large 360 Day SIM

Zone 1
International Calls
Unlimited standard talk to 50 countries

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Zone 1
Zone 1
100 minutes to

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Bonus minute offer
150 total minutes to

*425GB total data to use, split into 30-day blocks of 35.4GB. T&C apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can register up to 4 mobile services under your name. You can also stack your mobile service up to 24 months with Lebara Long term plans.

Lebara Mobile’s Long Term Plans are programmed to be stacked. Meaning, you can recharge with a long term plan and it would stack to your existing 30 day or long term plan. The Long term plan would start only once your current plan expires. You can stack Lebara plans up to 24 months.

You can stack up to 24 months of Lebara recharges. We recommend you buy this SIM pack plus up to three 180 day vochers.
Remember if you are on an existing Medium or Large plan, you can stack further but only up to 24 months maximum.

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