Auto Recharge Offers

$14.90 Extra Small 30 pay ATU offer

Get 4GB bonus data on your $14.90 plan, that is 8GB total data (4GB standard + 4GB bonus data) for every successful auto recharge until 09.08.22.

Score 10% Off on $24.90 Plans & Above
$24.90 and above 30 day plan offer

Take the hassle out of recharging and get a sweet 10% off every month when you set up Auto recharge on 30 Day Plans $24.90 and above. Offer available on all 30 day plans (excl. $14.90 Plan) prior to 09.08.22

How does it work?

With auto recharge your credit will automatically be topped up from your preferred payment choice. You can turn off auto top up at any time.

How to set it up?


  1. Go to MyLebara

  2. Click on Auto recharge option and register your payment details

  3. Select auto recharge for prepaid plans $14.90, $24.90, $29.90, $39.90, $49.90 and $69.90.

Offer Rules

  • 4GB bonus data on all $14.90 auto recharges until 09.08.22

  • 10% off offer applies only to $24.90, $29.90, $39.90, $49.90 and $69.90 Prepaid 30 Day Plans until 09.08.22.