Trial our 5G Network

Access our new 5G network with a compatible 5G phone within a 5G coverage area as part of a trial on selected plans until 26 October 2022 (unless extended). 5G is rolling out in selected areas of major cities. T&C apply.

What you’ll need to get 5G ready

5G coverage area

You’ll need to be in a 5G coverage area to access the 5G network.

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5G approved device

You’ll need a compatible 5G approved device that is configured to our 5G network.

Eligible 5G plan

To connect to 5G on our network, you’ll need to be on or sign up to one of our eligible plans.


1. Will existing customers get access to 5G?

Yes, the 5G trial will be available to all Lebara customers on selected eligible plans that have an active data balance.

2. What plans are eligible for 5G?

Medium 30 Day $29.90
Large 30 Day $39.90 
Extra Large 30 Day $49.90
Extra Extra Large 30 Day $69.90
Medium 90 Day $80
Medium 180 Day $140
Medium 360 Day $250
Large 90 day $105
Large 180 Day $180
Large 360 Day $300

3. What is 5G and what are its benefits?

5G is the newest mobile network technology and has the potential to make our lives smarter, safer, and more efficient. As the next generation of cellular network technology for both mobile and fixed wireless applications, 5G can contribute to increased data speeds and lower latency. 5G allows mobile network speeds to be faster than ever, which can contribute to higher quality streaming, faster gaming and more real-time connectivity.

4. Where will 5G be available and is my device compatible?

Please visit to see if 5G is available in your area and if your device supports 5G.

5. I’m not on an eligible plan, will my service be affected?

Not at all! Customers on non-eligible plans will still receive 3G and 4G service (depending on what is available in your area)

6. What happens if I recharge to a non-eligible plan?

If you recharge to a plan that is not eligible for this trial, your service will once again use our 3G and 4G networks (depending on what is available in your area). Subsequent recharges onto an eligible plan will enable the 5G trial for your service once more.

T&Cs – We are offering a 5G access trial (‘the Trial’) on Eligible Plans to new and existing Lebara mobile customers (‘Eligible Customers’) who sign up to, or are currently on the Medium $29.90 30 Day, Large $39.90 30 Day, Extra Large $49.90 30 Day, Extra Extra Large $69.90 30 Day, Medium $80 90 Day, Medium $140 180 Day, Medium $250 360 Day, Large $105 90 day, Large $180 180 Day or Large $300 360 Day (‘Eligible Plan’). This means that all Eligible Customers will have access to our 5G Network until 26 October 2022, unless extended further. If you do not want to participate in the Trial, please ensure you turn 5G off in your settings on your compatible device. If you are an Eligible Customer and would like to participate in the Trial, you don’t need to do anything to access the Trial, however, you must: (1) have an active mobile recharge on an Eligible Plan; (2) have a 5G compatible device; and (3) be in a 5G coverage area. Please use our coverage checker to find out more about our 5G coverage. If you choose to participate in the Trial, you will not be charged any additional costs (ie. you are only required to pay the fees for your active recharge on an Eligible Plan) and all your standard inclusions for your chosen plan will remain the same. The Trial will end on 26 October 2022, unless extended. After the Trial ends, you will no longer have access to our 5G Network, and your service will revert back to your 4G/3G network access for your Eligible Plan.

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