Lebara Standard Plan

International Call Rates

Lebara Mobile prides itself on delivering low cost call rates over the long term. We realise that our customers money is precious – and we continually strive to deliver the best value possible.

For Lebara Standard Plan customers, please check our rates below to find out for just how long you could talk to your loved ones. For Lebara Mega Plan customers, please visit the Lebara Mega Plan rate page to see the amazing value you get with unlimited standard national calls & SMS, plus low-cost international call rates.

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Current rates
These rates are current as of 08/10/2014, we reserve the right to change them, giving reasonable notice.
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National Rates

National Rates
Calls to landlines in Australia (per min)  $0.19
Calls to mobiles in Australia (per min)  $0.19
Lebara to Lebara calls  FREE
SMS in Australia and worldwide  $0.15
MMS (per event)  $0.95
1300 and 13 Service numbers (13xx)* (per min)  $0.15
Flag Fall  $0.29
Emergency Calls  FREE
1800 numbers (18xx)* (per min)  $0.15
Video MMS (per event)  $0.95
Video call* (per min)  $0.15
Voice Mail retrieval/set up* (per min)  $0.15

Call rates are in cents per minute (unless otherwise specified) and include GST.

*29c flagfall applies to standard calls

Call credit expires 90 days from activation or last recharge.

Destination country codes

Click here to find the calling code for your destination.

$0.25/min* Colombia-Rural-Local Extendido Landline (Click here for applicable prefixes)