Frequently Asked Questions

Check your balance for FREE with Lebara Mobile:

  1. Send an SMS (text) message to 126 172 and we will send you an SMS showing your balance. You need to include one of the following words in your text message:

    • Balance
    • Bal
    • Credit

  2. Call 126 123 from your Lebara Mobile to hear your call balance.
  3. Check your balance online at MyLebara
  4. Select ‘Account’ on your mobile phone menu, then ‘Balance’ and enter your 6 digit phone account PIN and follow the instructions. An SMS message will be sent to you showing your balance.

When your call credit falls below $2 we will notify you to remind you to recharge.

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Contact Us

From your Lebara Mobile
dial 126 122 for free

From any other mobile or from fixed line
1300 126 122

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