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Data for use in Oz. Extra Data is available on every Automatic Recharge for both new and existing Prepaid Combo Plus customers (‘Eligible Customers’) who opt in to Automatic Recharge. Starter Pack must be activated with 365 days of purchase.

Things you need to know: Personal use only. You will require a credit or debit card to activate and/or opt-in to Auto Recharge online. Starter pack must be activated within 365 days of purchase. Extra Data: available to new and existing Prepaid Combo Plus customers who purchase and activate a Prepaid $30 and above Combo Plus Starter Pack and opt into Automatic Recharge. 30GB on $30 Prepaid Combo Plus Starter Pack (10GB incl, total 40GB). Applied within 72 hours following successful activation. Limit 2 per customer. When you activate your Vodafone SIM you accept the Vodafone Standard Form of Agreement. A summary and the full agreement are available at All offers subject to change. Prescribed ID and user details must be provided. Recharge costs additional. Not transferrable or redeemable for cash. For new customers prescribed ID and user details must be provided. For details, head to Data Bank: Data Bank can not be used if you recharge onto $150 Prepaid Combo Plus. You will forfeit any unused My Data balance if you do not recharge before expiry. My Data is the included data of your recharge. Any other data balances you may have on your plan will not be saved to your Data Bank balance upon recharge unless explicitly mentioned. You will forfeit any unused My Data balance that will exceed the 200GB limit of Data Bank when saving any unused My Data. You will lose your Data Bank balance if you recharge on an ineligible plan, or your service is disconnected or deactivated for any reason. If you move to any plan or offer with a smaller Data Bank limit, you will lose data in your Data Bank that is over that limit. Your eligible plan will automatically start using your Data Bank balance when you have used up all the data balances on your plan within expiry. Data Bank balance cannot be used when your recharge has expired. (i.e. Active recharge on an eligible plan is required to use Data Bank).