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Additional Information

Payment Info

To get any of the Lebara Plans all you need to do is add a selected Lebara Plan to your account every 30 days. This is a prepaid service so you pay as you go – you only pay for what you use!

If you’re new to Lebara, you can purchase a Preloaded SIM card or otherwise purchase a SIM without credit for $2. If you have purchased a $2 SIM card you can then simply purchase a Standard Plan voucher $10-$100, $24.90 Small Plan voucher, $29.90 Medium Plan voucher, $39.90 Large Plan voucher, $49.90 Extra Large Plan voucher. This can be purchased online using your credit card via MyLebara or in-store through anyone one of our retail partners.

If you’re already an existing Lebara customer, redeem any Lebara Plan value at any time on your existing SIM following the same payment steps as above – either prepay online via MyLebara using your credit card or purchase through anyone of our retail partners. See below:

You can add additional credit to your Lebara Plan with any Lebara $10-$100, recharge. Head to MyLebara and follow the prompts to recharge using your credit card or buy in-store at any one of our retail partners.

Spend Management

As all of Lebara’s plans are prepaid you can manage your monthly spend simply recharging with what you can afford. Lebara offers recharges from as low as $10 over 365 days. There are no lock in contracts.

One of Lebara’s great spend management tools for usage is our “Check My Balance” section under MyLebara.This allows you to track how you are spending your credit.

Most of the things you do on your phone such as web browsing, checking email, streaming and using apps requires data. To help you work out just how much you’ll need we’ve created this guide. The examples are based on averages and are estimates only.

Security Tools

MyLebara is our personal security account service that allows you to manage your account, recharge online, check your call usage and more. To access your MyLebara account, all you need is your Lebara Mobile number and PIN (created at the time of registration). If you have forgotten your MyLebara PIN you can retrieve this from the MyLebara login page. Simply enter your Lebara Mobile number, then select the link to have your PIN sent to your registered email address. Alternatively you can contact the call centre and provide your Lebara pin number or date of birth to access your account.

This security tool service is provided at no added cost.

Financial Hardship Policy

Lebara’s products are prepaid and if customers experience financial hardship they can stop recharging. If you need to contact Lebara regarding our Financial Hardship Policy please contact Customer Services.
Our opening hours are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday (Sydney time) and 9am to 6pm on Weekends and Public Holidays. Please dial 126 122 if you are calling from your Lebara Mobile.

If you are calling from any other fixed line or mobile in Australia please dial 1300 126 122

Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)  can also offer support with customers that are experiencing financial difficulty.

Commonwealth Financial Counselling (CFC) can also assist with counselling services to assist with Financial Hardship matters.