International calls from Australia

With Lebara’s convenient prepaid plans, connecting with family and friends overseas is easy. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to dial internationally, from the Australian exit code, international country codes and call rates, to step-by-step instructions for placing your call.

Calling overseas from Australia

Calling overseas from Australia with one of our Lebara prepaid plans is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Enter the Australian exit code (you may also know this as the Australia dial out code). The Australian exit code is ‘+’ on your mobile.


Enter the country code (also known as the international dialling code) for the country you want to call.


Enter the phone number you want to dial, including the area code. If the area code or phone number begins with a ‘0’, drop the ‘0’ when you dial.

Note: To dial + on your phone, simply press and hold the ‘0’ on your keypad.

Examples of how to dial international number

For instance, if you were placing an international call from Australia to the phone number 555 867 5309 in the United States, you would dial +1 555 867 5309 from your mobile.

To call the United Kingdom, the country code is +44. So, to call the number 020 1234 5678 in the UK from Australia, you would dial +44 20 1234 5678.

If you’re calling someone in New Zealand, whose country code is 64, and their number is 09 123 4567, you would dial +64 9 123 4567.

To call India, the country code is +91. If the phone number you want to call is 80 1234 5678, then you would dial +91 80 1234 5678 from your Australian mobile.

What is my number for international calls?

All Australian mobile phone numbers begin with ‘04’. However, when you are calling Australia from overseas, you must drop the ‘0’.

So, if your mobile number is 0412 345 678 and someone overseas wants to call you, these are the steps they must follow:


Dial the exit code from the country they are calling from


Dial 61, which is the country code for Australia.


Dial your mobile number, without the ‘0’.

So, for example, if someone from the United States wanted to call your phone, it would look like this:

011 61 412 345 678