Data Banking

What is data banking?

Nobody likes wasting so why should your data be any different? Lebara plans now come with up to 200GB mobile data banking so you can keep your unused data each month.

How does data banking work?

If for example you get 36GB on your first month and at the end of the month you’ve only used 30GB. Instead of losing the remaining 6GB of mobile data, it will rollover to your bank where you can store it for as long as you continue your Lebara service. At expiry of a subscriber’s plan, and if they have a data bank, they have a 48-hour grace period to purchase another eligible plan, otherwise they lose their data bank balance.

End of Month 1

Customer has 6GB remaining on their plan. 6GB will be banked when recharged before expiry.

End of Month 2

Customer has 3GB remaining on their plan. 3GB will be banked when recharged before expiry.

End of Month 3

Customer has exhausted their data and begun to use banked data

What plans are eligible?

Data Banking is available on all 30 Day, Long Term (180 and 360 Day Plans) and Mobile Broadband Plans.

How to check my Bank balance?

Through MyLebara:
It will be displayed on your account summary under your Monthly data inclusion

Account summary for data bank sample desktop view

Data Gifting

What is data Gifting?

What is the point in keeping all your data if you cant use it? So why not gift it to someone who will? You can now send data to other Lebara numbers straight from your data bank into theirs.

How does data gifting work?

You can send up to 2GB from your data bank per transaction up to 5 times per 30 days, limiting you to
10GB data sent every 30 days.

How to gift data through MyLebara?

Perform the following:
1. In main menu, click Data Gifting.

Account summary data gifting sample desktop view

2. Enter Receiver Phone Number (no spaces).
3. Enter Gift Amount (in MB).
4. Click Submit.
Displays successful or failed notification message.

Dashboard for data gifting sample desktop view

How to gift data through SMS?

A subscriber can gift data to an eligible subscriber, by sending the following SMS message to the receiving service number:
GIFT “data amount” MB “receiver number”
For eg. GIFT 200MB 0414 122 0XX.

What plans are eligible?

Data Gifting is available on all 30 Day and Long Term Plans.

Terms and conditions

  • All Plans are eligible to receive a data bank, except the Standard Plan.
  • Data Packs are not eligible for Data Banking or Data Gifting
  • The maximum amount of data that can be banked is 200GB.
  • The maximum amount of data that can be gifted is 10GB every 30 days at 2GB per transaction.
  • Data bank balance rolls over only if an eligible recharge is made before expiry of current plan.
  • If no recharge is made before expiry, data bank will terminate.
  • The data bank balance rolls over to stacked plans on expiry of current plan.

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